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An important part of the MAXIMUS management system.

Biosecurity is your responsabilty

The MAXIMUS Biosecurity system was designed to reduce the risk of pathogens that could cause diseases in livestock, and those that are related to food safety and human health. The system provides for the application of the following principles:

​Segregation : Use of barriers.

Sanitation : Cleaning and washing activities.

Flow Management : A set of measures taken to prevent the cross contamination of higher risk, or unaffected livestock by organising the flow of animals, people and materials within a farm or production system.

Logged and recorded : Humans are one of the main contamination vectors in livestock.
All family members, employees, essential service providers, and local or foreign visitors can carry pathogens on their boots, clothes, or body, and are thus pathogen vectors.

MAXIMUS Biosecurity Is The Solution !

Establish a controlled access zone.
Inside facilities with potential animal contact, restrict access to essential people.
Respect the unidirectional movement through the barn, going by age sequence from younger to older animals.
Maintain an employee and visitor log including the date and location of the most recent pig or other animal contact.

The MAXIMUS System Does All Of The Above and More !

Sophisticated access and movement control for employees, service providers, visitors.
Establishment of restricted access zones and restrictions.
Respect for the sequence and direction of movements from one production site to another to avoid risks of pathogen transmission.
Automatic log keeping, in real time, of all comings and goings indicating people, places, and time.
Option of remotely monitoring, in real time, all movements on your production sites, and of customizing settings via your smart phone.